Cerebral Palsy Sibling Cord Blood Collection Program

What is the program?
The Cerebral Palsy Sibling Cord Blood Collection program offers free cord blood collection and storage for newborn babies who have a sibling with cerebral palsy. The program aims to ensure children with cerebral palsy and their families have potential access to local and international clinical trials.

Ben_Karen(Mum)_Bike_290x290.pngWho is eligible for the program?
In order to qualify for the program, parents must be expecting a child and have a child diagnosed with CP. In addition, the child diagnosed with cerebral palsy must:
  • Be under 12 years of age
  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of cerebral palsy
  • Have the same biological parents as the expected child
  • Other criteria apply
How do I apply for the program?
  • Review all the information provided in your emailed info pack 
  • Have CP Specialist (of the child with cerebral palsy) complete and sign the Referral Form
  • Send completed Referral Form to Insception Lifebank

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